It’s official – we’re winners! The DERIBA Group is proud to announce that its DERIBA GREENLINE® film recently won the German Packaging Award in the “Sustainability” category. The DVI (German Packaging Institute) also bestowed an award on the supermarket chain EDEKA for their insulated carrier bags, in which DERIBA’s GREENLINE® film – forgive the pun – “carries” the day. The bags consist of more than 80 % of our recycled material, while the handles are made of recycled lids which EDEKA collects from plastic bottles returned for recycling.



Clear strategy, clear product, clear success

“EDEKA pursues a clear packaging strategy: avoiding, optimising, reusing or recycling packaging to the greatest extent possible. So our product fits the bill perfectly,” Frank Rieker, CEO of riba Verpackungen GmbH in Hamm, told reporters. Riba Verpackungen manufactures the film for the DERIBA Group.

Announcing the winners, the jury for the German Packaging Award was full of praise for GREENLINE® film. “Packaging made from packaging – that’s the circular economy in action!” they enthused. It was also DERIBA’s precise intention when developing its GREENLINE® film, which, incidentally, is also used by the COMPO brand. Thomas Rose, who is Frank Rieker’s co-CEO in the DERIBA Group as well as CEO of Bruchsal-based Anton Debatin GmbH, provides more background. “We developed the film to meet various customer requirements, and also because we’re well aware that the packaging industry is in the middle of a sustainability revolution. As packaging experts, we aspire to future-proof solutions – not least because we have a vested interest in creating a sustainable future for our corporate group.”

GREENLINE® film uses an LDPE monomaterials solution instead of composite PE/PA film. This solution enabled DERIBA to increase the percentage of recyclate used in the products to over 80 %. To round it off, the DERIBA Group created a dedicated recycling loop for the product. “One of the companies in the DERIBA Group is our partner BeRec GmbH. They’re masters in the art of recycling and thanks to them, we’re able to bring our solution full circle. However, if GREENLINE® customers choose to dispose of their used film via Germany’s Green Dot waste recycling system, that’s fine too! BeRec isn’t the only company on the market that can handle this type of film and channel it back into the circular economy,” explains Frank Rieker.

GREENLINE® film has a high purity grade. Only waste that has been sorted multiple times is used. A high priority is also placed on excellent mechanical properties in the film, because the companies in the DERIBA Group know first-hand how important reliability is for production processes.