Sustainability revolution in the packaging industry.

A white paper about this crucial hot topic with insights contributed by the winner of the German Packaging Award in the “Sustainability” category: DERIBA.

The clock is ticking: EU objectives specify that by 2030 it must be possible to recycle or reuse 55 % of all the bloc’s plastic packaging waste.

DERIBA Greenline Folie
Deriba Greenline Verpackungspreis

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Why is packaging made from packaging the best solution?

Because we simply can’t afford to keep using 90 % new plastic in our
plastic packaging, as the WWF has warned us!


How can waste management and recycling schemes be moved away from centralised systems?

Just do it! DERIBA GREENLINE® film has been singled out by FACHPACK as the trade fair’s ‘Best Practice’ example.

Find out all you need to know about the Green Deal, laws and regulations, what’s turning the cogs of the revolution and government timelines – by reading our white paper: “Packaging film meets the EU’s packaging directive and a climate-neutral Europe”.

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deriba greenline whitepaper