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The DERIBA Group
Having established a good basis of trust and worked together successfully for many years, the seven experienced and competent companies Anton Debatin GmbH, Debatin SARL, Riba Verpackungen GmbH, pfc premium film company gmbh, HVB Hoch-Vakuum-Beschichtungs GmbH, BeRec GmbH  and L.E.S.S. SARL have now joined forces to bundle their strengths and expertise in the newly founded DERIBA Group.

Use of recycled foils
At DERIBA Group, we are working on a recycling loop for foils. Let’s take a look at how this loop works and how the foils can be used multiple times.
By collaborating together, we ensure a steady supply of high quality foils from recycled waste.

Stepping forward together in strength

With a total turnover of more than €100 million per annum and more than 400 employees, the DERIBA Group ranks amongst the leading 15 companies in Europe for flexible packaging solutions. In future, we aim to inspire customers and the industry with innovative product developments and cater even better to national and international market demands.


"Service and innovation require tradition and reliability. And these are hallmarks of each of the companies within the Group – just like in our own company."
Frank Rieker Managing Partner of the Riba Group
"The new joint venture enables us to bundle our strengths and focus on expanding our areas of expertise. Employees in all companies within our Group are experienced, reliable and open to change. As such, they can provide flexible packaging solutions for DERIBA customers and focus on expanding business on an international level.”
Thomas Rose CEO of Anton Debatin GmbH



In future, the DERIBA Group will offer customers an even wider range of flexible and innovative packaging solutions (including tamper-evident security bags, self-adhesive document pouches and mailing bags, food packaging, recycled films, lamination films as well as special and effect films). In doing so, our focus is on innovative product developments, high quality and an environmentally-friendly mindset and approach.

Innovative service

You’re looking for a customised packaging solution and have special requirements that go beyond specific inscriptions and/or printing? Thanks to our wide range of expertise and experience, the DERIBA Group can offer you competent advice – and together we can develop a product which is tailored to your specific needs. Innovative, individual and inimitable. Contact us!

Strong partners.

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